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And they lived happily ever after!

Who wouldn’t want to have a life like a fairytale? Slaying dragons and ogres, to finally find your loved one. It’s surely not easy, but it’s a satisfactory ending! Like the real life: you work and break your back, and then finally you find the one… Only that, in real life, one can’t always keep what they found; actually, this is the biggest challenge! Love is hard to keep, dragons and witches will try to break what is good! So, fight with bravery and you’ll earn what’s most important in life, all fairy tales,  and whole universe: Love….which will bring you happiness ever after!

For the brave ones, here is an inspiring wedding gift:  “Prince charming and the golden apples”. It’s a traditional Romanian fairytale about will, honor and love. So the young couple can look into this mirror and always remember the troubles they went through together and all that binds them! May you live happily and have a long life!




 Wooden frame, painted with tempera colors and varnished. The dimensions are 30×30 cm.  The wedding card is hand-made.

Categories:   Drawings, Book illustration, Mirror frames, Naive art


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