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New framed mirrors

I haven’t posted for a long time now, but that’s because I’ve been away. Somewhere far away, on fairy lands. As soon as I returned, I started painting and did these five framed mirrors. Reading fairy tales and retreating to a long lost world, if not totally imaginary, is a great thing, but I sincerely worry for my mental sanity :)) Hoping that I won’t become some crazy sociopat, I dearly salute you and I do hope you’ll like my paintings!
Fata mosului si fata babei. 26×26, tempera/ The bad girl and the good girl.
Frumoasa lumii. 26×26, tempera/ The fairest of them all
Fratior si surioara. 26×26, tempera/ Brother and sister
Oglinda magica. 26×26, tempera/ The magic mirror
Fata de imparat si pescarul. 26×26, tempera/ The princess and the fisherman
PRET: 170 lei/ Price: 170 ron

Categories:   Mirror frames, Naive art


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