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The Palm Sunday of the year 2014

Christ has resurrected, good people!

No, it is not too early for this to say, even if the calendar says so. It is said that Christ dies and resurrects for each one of us, in us, at every step of our lives. Maybe we should shout happily Christ has resurrected ! more often, all the time of the year. Truly He has resurrected!

Troite miniaturale de cca. 20- 25 cm/ Miniature troytsas, about 20- 25 cm.
Icoana Invierii, cu sfintisori, cca. 25x 20 cm/ The icon of The Resurrection, about 25x 20 cm.

An extract from the Thank Prayer to God. If I will be in good health, I may illustrate all the Prayer on ceramic hearts, for this prayer is one of the sweetest I have ever heard. Good bye!

Categories:   Events, Religious, Wood icons, Troitsas


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