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The old woman and the poor maiden

Once upon a time, there was a prince who fell inlove with a poor maiden. He took her in marriage, but the empress, his mother, wanted to check out her daughter-in-law and demanded her to spin many, many sacks of hemp. She couldn’t spin out so much hemp, but an old woman offered her help and spun all the sacks for her. But in the wedding night, the old woman took the girl’s place. The prince had a shock, but also he learnt a good lesson: “Young prince, don’t put your bride to such hard work, or she’ll end up like me, ugly and old”. The prince put his men to burn all the spinning wheels and, from then on, he took care of his wife to never do hard works!

Tempera pe placaj, 25x 25 cm, Ana Dragan 2014.
Tempera on board, 25x 25 cm, Ana Dragan 2014.

PRET: 300 lei/ Price: 300 ron

Categories:   Naive art, Paintings


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