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The boxes of luck

The boxes of luck will bring you wealth, as it is said in these centuries old verses:

In this box if you put
At least one dime or less,
You’ll never feel poverty again,
Just like that!
For this box is with magic,
And from one dime it makes one thousand,
And from a thousand, other thousands,
That you can’t keep their number!

Concept and verses Ana Dragan 2012

15x 8,5x 4,5 cm. Pret/ Price: 60 RON
14x 6x 4cm. Pret/ Price: 50 RON
This is the box with one of Maramures’s legends. 14x 6x 4cm. Pret/Price: 150 RON
The Rule of Money

Daca vreti sa cumparati, contactati-ma AICI/ If you’d like to buy, contact me HERE

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