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Jewelry boxes- autumn 2014

Craiasa fiarelor. Cutie din lemn de brad, 12x8x3 cm/ Wooden box, 12x8x3 cm
Animalium. Cutie din lemn de brad, 18x10x3 cm/ Wooden box, 18x10x3 cm
Detaliu/ Detail of the previous box
Cutia norocoasa. Lemn de brad, 20x12x3 cm/ Box of luck, 20x12x3 cm
Inimioara. Cutie din lemn de brad, 10×12 cm/ Wooden box, 10×12 cm
Printesa Roasca- Broasca, 20x13x10cm/ Princess frog, 20x13x10 cm
Detaliu/ Detail
Detaliu/ Detail
Povestea porcului. Cutie din lemn de brad, 17x11x7 cm/ Pig’s story. Wooden box, 17x11x7 cm
Detalii de pe partile laterale ale cutiei/ Details from the sides

Categories:   Handmade, Painted boxes


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